Welcome To Accent clinic

Empowering clients to improve their confidence and communicative effectiveness in both a personal and professional setting, through individually tailored accent modification training methods and evaluation of each client’s personal goals.

Our voices tell a story about who we are

Contrary to popular belief, everyone who speaks a language has an accent that is unique to them. We tend to only perceive speakers from other places and/or lingual backgrounds as having accents because we perceive differences in their speech relative to how we pronounce sounds in our own language. Here at Accent Clinic, it is fundamentally believed that each individual’s accent helps tell the story of who they are, where they are from, and is something to be celebrated and valued. My mission in providing accent modification services is to empower my clients with the skills and practices necessary to feel confident and competent speaking English across all personal and professional communicative contexts. The goal is not to “eliminate” the accent, but to tweak and modify it as needed in order for the client to meet their goals in communicating comfortably and effectively with others!

Tailored Instruction To best suit your communication needs and goals

Each language has a unique sound system, rules, and properties that distinguishes it from another. Those who speak English as a second language will often subconsciously apply the “rules” of their primary language to their English speech. Through accent modification training, the instructor uses specialized knowledge of the client’s primary language sound system and characteristics to identify and help client modify patterns that may hinder how well the client is understood while speaking English.

What to Expect - Accent Modification Instruction

Free Initial
Phone Consultation

A free, 15-minute phone or video call to discuss your goals and determine if accent clinic fits your needs.

In-depth Evaluation of various aspects of English speech

Instructor will comprehensively assess the client's speech characteristics to identify non-native patterns that may hinder client's intelligibility, or how much of his/her speech is understood.

Assessment Report &
Development of Training Plan

Instructor will review evaluation results with the client and together, will work collaboratively to develop a training plan with the client's specific goals in mind.

Accent Modification Training Sessions

Instructor and client will meet by video call, using a virtual platform at scheduled times to target the goals established in client's training plan. Progress will be monitored and discussed on a regular basis.